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A move creates many great changes, but the process itself can be complex. With the inconvenience of packing, moving boxes and unpacking, relocating to a new place can be dreadful.

At La Center Movers, we take care of your moving needs so that you can do exactly that: enjoy your residence! Our La Center moving company has been successfully relocating homes and businesses within the Washington area and around the globe for some time now. Since all moves are different, we offer a full service menu that allows our customers the ability to pick only those they'd like assistance with. From packing and moving packages to transporting and unloading, we handle as much or as little as you need.

Our La Center moving company arranges moves large and small, and we have a nice selection of truck sizes to accommodate the needs of our customers. Whether you're moving across the street or moving to the opposite side of the state, we realize that the move can be just as nerve-wracking. That is why we offer a variety of services that permit us to take care of some or all of your needs. Some of the services our La Center local movers provide include:

  • Partial Packing Services
  • Supplies (packing and tape)
  • Professional Employees
  • Storage Units
  • Moving Vehicle Rental and Fuel

Our La Center moving service is happy to assist in choosing from our wide range of services and providing fair rates. In order to arrive at this , we employ a strong set of team members, including helpful customer representatives, expert movers and friendly drivers. From the moment you place your first phone call to the point of unloading your last box, La Center Movers makes your moving experience positive and stress-free.

We recognize that even though customers rely upon our assistance through the move from start to finish, while other customers only need a select few of our services. Our movers are reliable and trusting, giving the highest effort to your belongings.

All of the boxes are packaged securely, to be sure that none of the belongings will break. We're even careful to wrap larger possessions and when completed, we label all of the boxes for simple unpacking. You can also be confident that our truckers operate on a reasonable timeframe, so you never have to wait for your belongings. If you require storage for in between moves, we provide some of the most secure storage facilities in the Washington area. Large, tidy units and a secure facility to ensure that the items property will remain protected. Our La Center self storage units can keep an assortment of non-perishable items including, but not limited to:

  • Clothing
  • Household Items
  • Paintings
  • Athletic Gear
  • Bikes or Motorcycles
  • And Much More!

When the day comes and you need your belongings from our storage unit, we can deliver the crates to your new location at a time that works for you. You also have the choice to pick up your possessions on your own using one of our La Center truck rentals. This is an ideal option for those who are on a strict timeline and want to keep the cost of their moving process within budget.

Get a move on now and call to schedule your relocation with La Center Movers!

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